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Our planet, from its existence until today, has faced many successive changes which in certain periods of time have had a positive or negative impact. In most cases this impact has resulted in negative developments, and consequently has reflected negative effects on the world with a special emphasis on humanity.

However, biotopes and biocenoses within certain ecosystems have reflected positively within a bio system as a whole but in most cases these developments have been followed by very large consequences which have had negative impacts on the planet Earth.

Over the centuries and especially in the twentieth century and early twenty-first century modern technology has had a noticeable trend especially recently it took a very rapid development that reflected on the one hand with a trend of contemporary development but on the side another uncontrolled dynamism recently reflected with very large changes on our planet. These uncontrolled and constantly increasing changes have led to an imbalance of ecosystems within the bio system leading to a situation of external imbalance of both flora and fauna and thus this change has the effect of negative impact on the world of alive.

In this regard, we emphasize the phenomenon of globalization as global pollution and global warming, which are phenomena that have recently aroused significant concern for the globe. These phenomena have a functional interconnection and consequently give their negative effects on the living world and consequently reflect more pronounced changes within certain ecosystems and very negative effects on both the living plant and animal world and humanity.

Developed and developing countries tend to increase the technological impact and economic well-being but with an uncontrolled tempo in the direction of maintaining the ecological-economic balance and this imbalance reflects in most cases negative effects on society. The phenomenon of global pollution is associated with major changes within certain ecosystems but also of certain countries, but this does not have a clear barrier because pollution is not limited to the administrative boundaries of countries and states that are against a developed technology. To those who are less developed and this reflects approximately the same consequences as for those who are developed as for those who are less developed and this attacks almost everyone equally.

This disruption of the natural balance will definitely have very negative effects on global climate change or global warming, which has recently become a major concern for humanity and the globe.

This imbalance between the economic and the ecological aspect is not properly coordinated so it reflects a pronounced discrepancy between technological development and the preservation of the living environment and the consequences reflect more negative than positive impact compared to outdoor fitness.

This Facebook is not real and positive for nature and humanity because lately it reflects negative consequences for both the terrestrial globe and humanity.

This situation reflects disturbances in the life cycle in the trophic chain in the trophic food pyramid as well as in the geochemical cycle and in the circulation of matter and energy in the ecosystem.

Matter and energy in the ecosystem are transformed from one form to another and this enables the balance of matter and energy to be maintained within the ecosystem, but this balance has recently been disturbed because these changes are not stable due to this situation of being overlapping and unbalanced between matter and energy in an ecosystem.

This can also be reflected in climate change as a result of atmospheric imbalances such as ozone and the ozone layer lately reflecting climate imbalance such as global warming. This accelerated and uncontrolled dynamism of global pollution that has recently taken on sad proportions can also affect the disruption of the hemisphere and more specifically the atmosphere and troposphere, and with the disruption of ozone balance we are presented with the greenhouse effect that is very harmful to the lithosphere. Where the greatest life processes take place and with this we can have two parallel phenomena: global warming and extinction of species and habitats in nature and with this imbalance on planet earth.

This disorder also reflects other additional cataclysms such as tsunamis, earthquakes, strong winds, erosions and other natural disasters on the one hand and climate disruption on the other and disruption of the annual seasonal period due to lack of rainfall such as rain and snow. In certain periods, both in autumn and spring, as well as in the winter season, these changes can reflect climate and seasonal changes throughout the annual period between decades and centuries.

The degrading processes of environmental pollution as well as global warming reflect the disruption of biological diversity and consequently the disruption of this biodiversity between flora and fauna and consequently the instability between these two vital categories of life. This will reflect the extinction of certain species and the destruction of habitats within ecosystems and consequently disturbances in the life pyramid and trophic pyramid and in this case the loss of species, especially endemic and other natural species.

Within certain ecosystems of the living environment, all floristic and faunal reactions and activities developed by mankind are interconnected because these reactions have a positive impact between action-reaction-reaction phenomena which in nature must be balanced to maintain the natural balance. These phenomena are controlled in nature between biotope and certain biocenoses within the ecosystem, bio system and biospheres which reflect a functional whole with these processes.

The human being consciously or unconsciously manages to disrupt these natural relations and phenomena with uncontrolled intervention and thus to reflect the breakdown of these relations in the ecosystem.

This situation created by these uncoordinated and uncontrolled actions has negative effects on humanity and reflects situations with negative impacts.

Recently, humanity has been attacked by these phenomena that have reflected disorders both economically and ecologically, and especially with special emphasis on health. This rapid tempo of life with added dynamism imposes a disorder of the tempo of life and reflects on human health.

We live in the century of globalization century that requires a dynamism and pursuit of the tempo of a stressful and materially and psychologically aggravated life where humanism and solidarity between people has been lost so it can lead to a global crisis for humanity and human well-being.

Phenomena such as environmental pollution, global warming, uncontrolled developments and other factors increase the risk for various diseases such as: carcinogenic, teratogenic and mutagenic and other diseases of endogenous and exogenous nature and consequently we have increased and increasing mortality.

Statistics show that lately we have alarming figures in this regard and this is increasing day by day.

Throughout the existence of mankind, of course, the phenomenon of various diseases has been transmitted, and this has recently been on the rise and unfortunately with very alarming mortality rates. Humanity has faced many diseases that have reflected epidemiological and pandemic situations such as: viral diseases cholera, emboli, SARS and other diseases that have unknown etiology.

The end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 were accompanied by one of the most powerful pandemics that had shaken all the continents, and had taken on global proportions. This is the most famous viral disease, Virus Corona (Kovid-19), which is taking more and more lives every day. As never before, humanity has been mobilized to fight this virus which has no mechanism to fight it other than the total isolation of humanity to protect itself the best and fairest measure to protect itself.

Perhaps the “stay home” slogan is the most appropriate weapon to protect against this deadly virus, and these measures are probably the only way out of this situation.

This will undoubtedly reflect both health and economic consequences for humanity which will last and manifest for a long time around the globe.

These disruptive disorders and interventions that have taken place on the planet may have an even more negative impact on humanity in the future, so care, gratitude and investment in nature should always prevail on our planet which we must shave because with the care of nature will to take care of ourselves and the generations to come.

Care of nature and kindness for humanity are the future of our descendants. This is the right path; the path of God.


Tetovo, on 12.04.2020

Universi Association

Prof.Dr  Nexhbedin Beadini

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