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Microbiological Analysis and Antiobiogram Profile in Pharingitis Cases and i‘ts Treatment with Antibiotic

Acute phayngitis is a common infection that is typically managed in the outpatinet setting. While respiratory viruses are responsible for the majority of cases, group A streptococcus (GAS) is the most common bacterial cause of what is generally reffered to as strep throat. There is much room for improvment in the managment of acute pharyngitis in children and adolescents. Most physicans use appropriate managment strategies, however a substantial number uses inappropriate ones, particularly for children with likelu viral pharyngitis. Efforts to help physicans improve practices will need to be multifaceted and should include health policy and educational approaches.
Infections of throat have a tremendous impact on public health.According to the World Health Organization is noticed that bacterial resistance is growing day by day. Appropriate managment of acute pharyngitis depends on proper use and interpretation of clinical findings, rapid antigen-detection tests and throat cultures.The aim of this study is to see the incidence of sore throat in Tetovo and raising awareness in administration of antibiotic only in patint with positive microbiological analyzes.
Keywords: Acute phayngitis, infection, viruses, bacterial, microbiological analyzes.