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Treatment of Dyslipedemia on the Patients with Cardiovascular Disease, Combination with Nicotinic Acid And Fibrates Therapy

Dysiplidemia remains an important source of risk for cardiovascular disorders .Moreover, patients with other disorders as diabetes type 2 , metabolic syndrome or obesity , often they show a dyslipidemic characteristic phenotype involving low levels of HDL cholesterol and increased LDL-cholesterol. Low level of HDL-cholesterol (< 1.02 mmol / L) in man or ( < 1.29 mmol/ L ) in womens occurs in 1/3 of patients in Europe with dislipedemia and is an independent risk factor of cardiovascular disorder. This study aims to analyze the effect of treatment with nicotinic acid, which is known as an effective tool that increases the level of free HDL cholesterol and also a reducing prominent cardiovascular disorders. Also an overview of addition of fenofibrate to statin therapy, as a successful strategy for managing the different nature of dislipedemia or patients with risk for cardiovascular disorders. Keywords: dyslipidemia , cardiovascular disorders, HDL cholesterol, LDL cholesterol fenofibrate, statin therapy.